Housing Board

Basement Apartment or Room for Rent (in House with Family)

1 Bed 1 Bath Lower Level of House

Location: Lone Tree near Park Meadows
Move-in Date: 1/15/2024
Rent Range: $1,100

My wife and I live in a bi-level home with our two pups. Since it’s just the two of us, we only use the upper level, which leaves the lower level available for you to rent! Downstairs there is one large bedroom (the size of the two upstairs bedrooms combined), a bathroom with shower, laundry (shared with us), and a living room with built-in entertainment center. Unlike a basement, this lower level is only half-way underground, which means all of the rooms have normal sized windows letting in sunlight. Since there is no separate kitchen space downstairs, renters have historically done a combination of two things: (1) set up some simple appliances downstairs like an air fryer and microwave, and (2) share the kitchen space with us upstairs. If this sounds interesting to you, please feel free to call or text and I’d be happy to discuss more details!

To Apply: (714) 876-5000 (call or text)